A city, a music, a feeling; a beach, a dream; a look back, a lifetime to think, a touch of heartbreak. Want to walk on the beach, want to listen to the heart, want to roam in the wind, silent, listen attentively, look far away: close your eyes, in front of you; open your eyes, but in your heart! Sometimes silence is the best way to tell. Some beautiful things can only be treasured, tasted carefully, and remembered; some thoughts can only be treasured, silent and fragrant; some feelings can only be wordless, banished years, and become clearer. If you don't want to say it, don't say it, because too much explanation sometimes is a kind of cover; if you don't want to, don't want to, because too much imagination sometimes is a kind of torture. Silence, in fact, is the most beautiful song, is a kind of best telling. Sometimes I feel very sad, but I can't say it. Maybe it's some songs that touch some thoughts, maybe the scene in the dream is in front of us, maybe it's just maybe If there is a pair of wings, hold up the sunshine and give love warmth; if there is a sky, cross the dream and give love power; if there is a world, give it all and give love life. If a man is tired, he will stop; if love is painful, he will drink a glass of strong wine; if his heart is bitter, he will sing a song. In fact, love is on your side, your heart! Sometimes, I always want to go out alone.